7 Ways to Start Selling Better

7 Ways to Start Selling Better

Oh no! Selling?! “I hate selling!”  “I’m no good at selling.” “I don’t want to be a pushy salesperson.” “I don’t know how to sell.” Can you believe that these are phrases I often hear from real estate agents? Unfortunately, It’s true. So many agents I’ve interviewed over the past 4 years of running Out […]

Why Most MLS Deals Suck!

Why Most MLS Deals Suck

The MLS is the most common way to find “deals” for investors. Unfortunately, MLS deals are also usually the worse kinds of deals available. Why? When you have hundreds, if not thousands, of investors all looking at the same properties that are listed for everyone to see and analyze the competition for those houses becomes […]

What Makes an Agent/Brokerage “Investor Friendly”?

What makes an agent/brokerage investor friendly?

So What Really Makes an Agent/Brokerage “Investor Friendly”? I can’t tell you how many times in my 7+ years as a real estate investor that I’ve talked to real estate agents that had no clue some of the most basic terminologies that real estate investors use on a regular basis. Phrases like ARV, subject-to, sandwich […]

How to Qualify Investor Buyers

A hot topic in a lot of the Facebook groups I’m a part of, run, or help moderate, is the issue of deals being “daisy-chained.” Most of the people in those groups have no idea how to qualify investor buyers. To understand why that’s a sensitive issue with wholesalers and agents let me first explain […]

Will the Real Estate Market Crash??

With everything going on, many investors are wondering the same thing: Will the real estate market crash? Is your financial advisor trying to continue to tell you that stocks are a safer investment than real estate? It’s time to tell them to pound sand. Before I get into what happens if the market crashes I […]

Biggest Mistakes New Real Estate Agents Make

Many people get into real estate as a real estate agent for several reasons: They hear that it’s super easy to get your license, and it is. It only takes 63 hours and approximately $2,000 in the state of Florida to get your real estate license. They hear that it’s something that can be done […]

80% of Real Estate Agents Missed This One Key Factor in Last Crash

Real Estate Agent

Were You a Real Estate Agent During the Last Crash of 2008-2009?   Most of you probably answered “NO”. Many of you probably got your licenses in the past few years because you heard the market was good and that selling real estate is an easy side hustle. So you got your license, hung it […]

Are Real Estate Prices Dropping?

Are Real Estate Prices Dropping?

With all that is happening with the stock market, nearly 10 million people filing for unemployment, oil prices tanked, and more, you would think that real estate prices would be plummeting along with them. All of this probably has you wondering are real estate prices dropping? Here’s the thing. It’s not true. Yes, the houses […]

Gain Leverage Against the Insurance Companies with Vince Perri

Ever been denied an insurance claim? Ever been offered way lower than what it’s going to cost to fix the problem with your house by your insurance company? Listen to this episode where we break down all the insurance company issues that every homeowner should know!  More about our guest Vince Perri: Our company is […]

The Game of Loans!

Wow! This was one heck of a fun episode! We talked about all things mortgages, rates, why NOW is the time to be buying. But, more importantly, we discussed Game of Thrones and how it incorporates into a business.  Contact Louis here:http://mortgageplusinc.com/https://www.facebook.com/mortgageplusinc/