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7 Ways to Start Selling Better

Oh no! Selling?!

“I hate selling!”  “I’m no good at selling.” “I don’t want to be a pushy salesperson.” “I don’t know how to sell.”

Can you believe that these are phrases I often hear from real estate agents?

Unfortunately, It’s true.

So many agents I’ve interviewed over the past 4 years of running Out Fast Realty & Investments have given me those exact phrases or something very similar to that. “Do they know that they’re in sales?” is typically what starts running through my brain almost immediately.

Sales is scary. I get it. Not everyone is cut out for sales. But you’d better get over that fear and become an expert at selling or your career as a real estate agent won’t last very long.

Here are 7 Ways to Start Selling Better

  1. Change Your Mindset

    You’re actually better than you think. This has a lot to do with your fear of failing and looking foolish than it has to do with your “inability to sell” in your mind. Think about this for a minute. Have you ever been out on the town, at a friend’s house, or at a coffee shop, or something else like this, and looked across the room and saw someone you felt attracted to? We all have. What did you do? You went up to that person or had someone introduce you to them, right? Well, what happened next? Yep, that’s right! You SOLD them on going out on a date with you. You SOLD them on going on a second date. You then SOLD them over and over again that you were the perfect mate for them until you finally SOLD them on marrying you. Ever asked for a raise at your old job? I sure hope you did. What you did when you approached your boss for that raise was that you SOLD them on your abilities, work ethic, leadership, or expertise. You earned that raise so you gave your pitch to your boss and SOLD him or her on that idea. The better your pitch was, the better the outcome right? How many times did you replay the scenario in your head? How many times did you practice your pitch? I bet it was a lot, right? Do you see where I’m going here? I hope so. If not you may not want to even bother reading the rest.

  2. Be You

    Here’s one thing that a lot of new salespeople think. “I need to become something or someone to be a better salesperson.” That couldn’t be further from the truth. I have made so many sales in my career as a real estate entrepreneur, a husband, a father, etc because I’m true to who I am. It’s when I try to sell people like Grant Cardone does, or how Gary Vee does is when I start to get myself in trouble and blow my sales pitches. You see, people can, for the most part, read into your bullsh*t. They can just tell that you’re not being genuine with them. So stop. Be You and watch you start to close more deals.

  3. Get People to Like You

    OK, this could be a tough one for some of you. Some of you have you know what written across your forehead or some of you have resting b*tch face. Am I right? Some of you simply have zero confidence in yourself and it shows. So here are a few tips on how to get people to like you even if you embody any of those 3 characteristics.

    1. Smile!
    2. Become genuinely interested in other people
    3. Be a good listener (more on that below)
    4. Make the other person feel important
    5. Talk in terms of the other person’s interests/needs. Not your own
  4. Ask Better Questions

    This one takes a very specific skill to master. LISTENING! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met with agents or other salespeople who simply will not shut up. They won’t let me get a word in edgewise and they ramble on about their product or service like it’s the greatest thing on the planet. And heck, it might be! But they never once stop to listen to what I need/want from their product or service. By sitting down and showing a genuine interest in the client or customer you’ll have an opportunity to listen to their pain points and then ASK them followup questions that drive home how your product or service can resolve that pain.

  5. Become an Expert

    People say it takes 10,000 hours at any one thing to become an “expert” The great thing about real estate is that there’s so much information you can access at any time and at any place in the entire world. There are podcasts, radio shows, youtube videos, audiobooks, webinars, and more right in the palm of your hand. There’s no excuse these days for not continuing to learn. There’s also a bunch of certifications and designations you can get from your local MLS provider. These designations will prove to your prospects or referral partners that you are in fact an expert in your field!

  6. Practice, Practice, Practice

    Now is the time to start to perfect your craft. But how do you do that if you don’t have any leads to work on? Simple. Find an accountability partner and role play with them. Another great way is to call FSBO (For Sale By Owner) listings and practice on them. They don’t know you from Adam/Eve so if you screw up on your pitch who cares?! You got valuable practice now. I teach all of my agents and students to do this on the regular to get better at their pitch so when the real leads start to come in you’ll feel so much more comfortable talking to them over the phone or in person.

  7. Get Others to Sell For You

    This one may come a difficult one for a lot of you. You’re probably asking yourself “if I’m no good at selling, how am I supposed to get someone else to sell for me?” It’s a lot more simple than you think. I promise. In the course of your sales career, you’re going to have to go to networking events. By practicing your elevator pitches you’re going to have the opportunity to meet with members and guests of that networking group to have coffee, lunch, drinks, etc. You’re then going to do all the things we’ve talked about above. You’re going to:

      • Be You
      • Get them to like you.
      • Ask them great questions
      • Show them that you’re an expert

Once you’ve done that then you can begin the process of them selling for you! You can then tell them who a great referral for you would be and who a great referral source would be for you.

*Bonus Tip* Be specific in your referral requests!

If you’re a real estate agent and would like to join our team and get access to our weekly training on Sales & Negotiating please be sure to fill out the form on our website here!

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