Curious about how we do things around here?  Here are some commonly asked questions that we get a lot around here at OutFast Realty. If you don’t see your question answered below, just head over to our CONTACT PAGE and get in touch!


Yes, we have a few fantastic coordinators for you to choose from who get the jobs done quickly and efficiently.  They are on-point and realize you need your documents quickly. Our Transaction Coordinators are FREE on all listings and $395 for all buyer transactions.

We always have our leads program running.  If you have the time to follow up with them, we can keep them coming. 

You sure can!! We have a completely outfitted media room that is PERFECT for podcasts or even live video to help you educate your audience on the things that matter. 

Yes, every agent gets access to Brokermint, which is used by millions of agents around the globe.  “Brokermint replaces your form creation, e-sign, and real estate transaction management systems with a single end-to-end solution, while helping you streamline your business with real-time visibility into your transactions.”

Yes, we offer the absolute BEST CRM for real estate agents & investors. We’ve fully customized it so you can use it for your retail business as well as your investing business.

Great question! It depends on if you’re going to be a full-time agent or part-time. If you’re full-time, with our systems, tech stack, and support you should be able to close a deal in your first 60-90 days. If you’re part-time it could take you up to 6 months to close your first deal.


We’ve got some of the best agents in the area, who are active and determined to get you the best results possible.  If you are interested in partnering with an Out Fast Realty & Investments agent, please click HERE

Every listing gets posted to the MLS, social media and included in our monthly newsletter. Signage is put outside of the property and professional photography is hired.  Our agents also do a FANTASTIC job of working their networks to get you the best pricing possible in as little time needed.

We have been in existence since 2016 and have grown by over 100% year on year.

We pull comps from the surrounding area in the most detailed manner as possible.  This is not an exact science and our depth of knowledge on the market helps you get the best pricing possible.

Yes, hosting open houses are a key element of developing the type of attention your listing deserves.  Open Houses are scheduled weeks in advance and will be promoted with signage throughout your neighborhood. 

Buyers can be highly motivated and while we try to give you 24 hours notice, if the opportunity comes quicker, we may call you for permission.  There will never be a “surprise showing” that you were not aware of or did not directly give permission for.

First and foremost we believe in the power of salesmanship.  The better at sales our agents are, the better of a deal you will get.  Being that we work in investments as well, our agents have an understanding of sales that other brokerages simply do not provide. 

Secondly, we are not a chain brokerage.  We’re growing aggressively but have remained committed to keeping the process simple and fluid.  Incredible experience combined with flexibility and dedication to you is the best of both worlds. 

Lastly, we’re hungry.  The only way we make it to the top is to keep focusing on our three main principles:  Real estate is a sales game, customer service is paramount, and speed of execution matters only if it’s efficient as well.

No other brokerage has the skill set of both retail AND investment real estate.  This gives us a wider perspective on both the market and the industry, and a knowledge of sales that is unparalleled. 

Our ultimate goal for you is the best deal possible, in a timely and efficient manner. 

Time is money, and we take that concept very seriously.

If you are looking for an agent, our brokerage only hands out your lead to the current top 20% of performers.  This assures you of the following:

  • If you are looking to sell  your home, you will be dealing with the best.
  • If you are looking to buy a home, you will be dealing with the best. 

Whether you are looking to purchase your first home, or list the one you are currently living in, we can get you from start to finish.  An exceptional experience along with the results you are looking for. 

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