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Back in 2016, CEO and co-founder Greg Simpson was flipping houses and wholesaling, while Broker and co-founder Jeremy Kloter was getting started in real estate after 8 years in the Marine Corps.  The two met up, sat down and started planning what would become Out Fast Realty and Investments LLC with the help of Greg’s dad, Bill.  

Fast forward 5+ years later, and Out Fast Realty and Investments has become what it is today; A hybrid brokerage that focuses on both retail and investment featuring over 80 agents. The two founders added Matt Kelsey (lending) and Jeremy Griffin (marketing) to the team and have built one of the Tampa area’s best places for agents who want to flourish.   

While Bill is no longer with us, we carry on the spirit that was formed in 2016 every day through our ”5 Keys to Success”.


Hustle Mentality

Real estate is challenging work that happens in an ever-changing environment. We realize that we get out of it is what we put in. Every day is the chance to make ourselves better and we treat each day as the opportunity that it truly is!!


Our job is to facilitate the transaction, to close the deal. We do not let our egos get in the way, and realize that our own interests are second to our clients. We work hard to find the best path forward, in an honorable and practical way, and NEVER toss in the towel.


We are stronger together than we are as individuals. We make sure to help our fellow team members whenever possible (within reason) and openly share advice, connections and strategies. The more you help others, the better you tend to do as an individual!

Enjoy the Ride

Real estate is filled with ups and downs. We take time to enjoy the journey, and realize that if what we are pursuing is not enjoyable, it’s not worth pursuing at all. We’re all here on this planet for a short time, so let’s make the most of it! Have fun with your career and your life!


Our industry is complex, and functions in an ever changing, fast-paced world. We pride ourselves on understanding the market, and understanding all areas of real estate (hence our focus on helping you learn the investment side). A better understanding of the industry leads to better results for your clients, which ultimately benefits you over the course of your career.

Leadership Team

Greg Simpson

Greg Simpson is a native of St. Petersburg, FL, and has lived in the Tampa Bay area his entire life. He has always had a passion for real estate, and when the recession hit the Tampa Bay market in 2008-2009 he made it his goal to help rebuild the community he has lived in and loved. He lives in Tampa with his beautiful wife, son, daughter, and two dogs. 

Greg is an expert in acquiring properties and specializes in buying houses from distressed homeowners for a fast, fair price. Greg is also an expert in the management of the renovation of those properties by building solid relationships with contractors and subcontractors all throughout the area and putting together systems and processes to ensure a smooth project from start to finish. Greg also owns a local real estate brokerage that assists in selling these properties on the open market for maximum exposure and maximum profits with highly skilled and trained real estate agents.

Greg has purchased, renovated, and sold over 100 houses since 2013 with an average return of more than 15% cash on cash ROI with gross profits of over $5,000,000. He has also wholesaled 200+ houses in that same time period. 

Greg is also the owner and President of the largest local REIA (Real Estate Investors Association) in Tampa Bay. Greg prides himself in providing his members, students, listeners, and mentees with the absolute best information which allows him to bring in a consistent deal flow that meets or exceeds his requirements for his investments.

Jeremy Kloter

Jeremy Kloter is the acting owner and Broker for Out Fast Realty and Investments and Out Fast Property Management. An investor since 2013 while overseas as a United States Marine when he completed his first private lending deal, Jeremy has been involved with hundreds of transactions through wholesaling, fix and flips, rental properties, property management and joint ventures. Operating a successful property management company with a portfolio value over $15,000,000 has proved valuable in being able to manage teams and create efficient operations for rentals. Acquiring, stabilizing and improving the cash flow of rentals has resulted in increased return on investment for property owners.

As a guest on podcasts and radio he has also been recognized in the Florida Realtor Magazine and is a trainer for The Landlord Property Management Academy. He is also an acting member for the Greater Tampa Association of Realtors, Pinellas County Realtors Organization, National Association of Realtors and the National Association of Property Managers. He also hosts and speaks regularly at the largest investing association in the Tampa Bay area, TBREIA.

Lorynn Gavin

Lorynn joined the Out Fast Realty team in 2020 as an agent after a life-long interest in real estate.  Lorynn now leads Agent Recruitment and Training for Out Fast Realty with over a decade of experience in education and curriculum development as a Florida Educator. Lorynn has used her expertise to advance Out Fast’s agent training and development programs.

Lorynn fuels her passion for helping others through her roles as both an Real Estate Agent and Team Leader.

Matt Kelsey

Matt is a Tampa Bay Native that started investing in real estate immediately upon graduating university. Matt won the prestigious 30 under 30 award & the Golden Bull award as an undergrad at the University of South Florida.

Matt’s deep roots in the area enable Out Fast Realty to leverage relationships for future and current growth. His true passion lies in helping people expand their wealth by leveraging the power of borrowing via real estate. Matt enjoys helping everyone ranging from the first time homebuyer to the seasoned investor purchase or refinance real estate. Matt is a visionary leader and a person that sees three moves ahead of others in the same field.

He is bringing that same mindset, thought leadership, and strategy implementation to accelerate the growth curve and trajectory of Out Fast Realty.


Out Fast Realty is the first brokerage to incorporate tokenized shares of the company, that agents earn as they achieve various benchmarks in their career. Our 401R program is the first of it’s kind.


Out Fast Realty is the first brokerage to incorporate tokenized shares of the company, that agents earn as they achieve various benchmarks in their career. Our 401R program is the first of it’s kind.

Property Management

We strive to deliver the best ROI possible for landlords & property managers.

Sell Your Home for Cash

Our winning marketing plan and experience on your side will help reduce the average days on the market. This saves you time, money, and gets you on with your life faster.

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