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Many people get into real estate as a real estate agent for several reasons:

  • They hear that it’s super easy to get your license, and it is. It only takes 63 hours and approximately $2,000 in the state of Florida to get your real estate license.
  • They hear that it’s something that can be done in your spare time.
  • It’s a great side hustle.
  • It’s so easy anyone can do it.

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Just as an FYI, there are almost 30,000 real estate agents in the Hillsborough and Pinellas counties alone. That’s a ton of people in just two counties that have their real estate agent license. Yet, I would bet that 90% of them have zero skills when it comes to actually selling real estate.

If you just did one of the things below (such as learning to overcome objections) you could separate yourself from the competition immediately. I’ve seen so many “seasoned” agents make so many “rookie” mistakes it would make your head hurt.

Just as an example. We recently sold a luxury home in St. Petersburg and the agent, who had “been in business for 20 years” was fired the day before the closing by her own buyer and was told not to show up to the showing because she didn’t even have the basic communication skills to keep her customer informed of how the As-Is contract and inspection period works in Florida.

Here’s the mistake that most people make when getting their real estate agent license:

None of the above is actually true other than it’s super easy to get the actual license.

Here’s Why:

Most people that get into a new field have no actual knowledge about how that field really works. Being a real estate agent means that you actually have to sell something. But did you know that when you take the 63 hours of pre-licensing course that none of that teaches you anything about real estate sales?

Unfortunately, it’s true.

My biggest pet peeve before we launched our brokerage was that agents have no idea how to sell, negotiate, or even know how the process even worked.

I had been through exhaustive real-world training as an investor and I couldn’t believe some of the shortcomings that real estate agents had. I was completely floored at, to be blunt, the incompetence some of the agents I would encounter.

I would submit an offer and then not hear back from the listing agent for days and sometimes weeks later. How could someone with an actual license in something be so bad at even returning an email with a full price cash offer? It was maddening to say the least!

It wasn’t until I was informed that the real estate agent licensing course didn’t teach how to sell houses! it blew my mind!

There’s Also No Training On:

**Click the Links for Snippets from Our Trainings**

– Sales & Negotiation

Marketing & Prospecting

How to Actually Sell Houses (what the process is)

– How to Fill Out the Contracts, Addendums, etc.

– How to Open Escrow & The Inspection Process

– Overcoming Objections

– The Closing Process

– & Much, Much More

That’s why my business partner, Jeremy Kloter, and I spend hundreds of hours putting together one of the most robust online training platforms the real estate agent industry has ever seen. We have trainings on all the above items and much more.

We even cover the entire investment side of the business which no other brokerage even understands it like we do.

If you’re thinking about getting your license and are looking to start your career with a bang and not be a statistical failure like 80% of all other real estate agents then you should set up a time to interview with us here at Out Fast Realty & Investments.

If you already have yours but you’re not making 100% of your commissions and not getting the support, training, and mentoring that you deserve then we should talk as well. We’ve got a place for you and your team here at Out Fast.

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