Closing Deals with an Attorney Based Title Company

Everyone loves attorneys, right? Well, we actually do love the attorneys at Old Tampa Bay Title! Ralph Zeiler, their business development manager, and Andrew Hoek, one of the attorneys and partner, sat down with us to discuss the ins and outs of the closing process and how it benefits everyone when you use an attorney […]

Setting Proper Expectations in Business

Under promise and over deliver, right? You’ve heard that term your entire career if you’re in sales. While that saying is a cliche for a reason it can seriously damage your ability to close the sale or could easily put you out of business.  People struggle with learning how to set proper expectations in their […]

Protect What Matters Most – Your Family

Leo Cannyn from Beryl Project Engineering came in and explained exactly what goes into the most important part of the home buying process, the home inspection. Leo also explained what makes his company so much different and better than a majority of other home inspection companies. Greg has been using Leo for years on his […]

Serving the Community Through Junk Removal & Repurposing

JDog Junk Removal and Hauling, a team of Veterans, Veteran and Military family members providing junk removal and hauling services for homes and businesses in our community of Tampa, Florida. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen, getting rid of office furniture, replacing your bedroom set, or Feng suing your home, we serve you with the […]

Scaling Your Wholesaling Business to 7 Figures Plus!

Joe Dillon has grown a multi-million dollar real estate wholesaling business to an entirely new level. He’s now teaching wholesalers and investors how to scale their very own businesses to levels they never knew they could. His program is amazing and we’re excited to be a part of Joe’s coaching program. We’re already doing more […]

Plan Today So You're Not Screwed Tomorrow

You will get sued! Yeah, we said it!  It’s important that you align yourself with the people and professions that have your back in the litigious society we live and work in these days. Josh Knight comes in and educates us and our listeners about what steps you can do to protect yourself by setting […]

Short-Term Rentals with Teal Door Hosting

In this episode we discuss all the many pros of renting your house, mother-in-law suite, individual rooms, etc. instead of renting it out as a long term rental. We talk about some of the systems and processes that Teal Door Hosting uses every day and how they make real estate investors more money with short-term […]

Rehabbing 101

We recapped our day of recording for episode 4 of our webisode series which included checking in on two of our current rehabs including the one that just finished and hit the market and a town house that we purchased, rehabbed and back on the market in exactly one week.  For more information on the […]

How Architects Play A Significant Role In Real Estate Development

In this episode we were very lucky to have Michael Riscica from Young Architect in studio to discuss all the things that architects do to make sure a real estate project stays on track. Our eyes were opened to all the different things that go into a project that we thought were handled by other […]

The Power of Going LIVE on Social Media with Trish Leto

In this episode we sit down with digital marketing strategist and founder of 5 Minute Lives™ Trish Leto. We uncover so many ways that real estate professionals are fully using the capabilities of social media marketing with the use of Live video content. Real estate is one of the hottest professions in the country and […]